Why Osteopathy?
For me the reason I pursued Osteopathy was its direction and ability to understand the human body. I am a very active person being involved in a wide variety of sports growing up including cricket, football and baseball. As a result, I would say that it further developed my passion and desire to be involved in health and fitness and the desire to work with people to achieve a common goal. Osteopathy itself creates a challenge as no single case is the same, this is something that appealed to me as you never know what is about to come through the door next.

Any Special talents?
Putting together flat packs, absolutely love them.

Something we don’t know about you?
I’ve got a twin brother, I’m older by 7 minutes and we look nothing alike. Also I’ve never seen a second of Netflix, Stan etc..

Karaoke song?
What about me – Shannon Noll. Although you’ll never see me with microphone in hand.

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