Seated Rows

A seated row is used to strengthen the muscles in the middle of your back. Follow along with this video to help perform the exercise with correct technique. Try 3 sets of 8.  

Squat Technique

Squat technique is crucial for reduction in injury, development of strength and effectiveness of the exercises. Follow this drill to help develop your technique.  

Standing Hip Abduction

With this exercise it is important to maintain an upright posture, use a full length mirror to help with visual feedback. You should slowly abduct your leg for roughly 3 seconds whilst maintaining your balance. Perform 8 reps on each leg.  

Sprinters Glute Activation

This exercise will activate your glutes as well as load the hamstring, be sure to drive your opposite forward (as shown in the video) and pause and hold at the top of the movement. Start by doing 2 sets of 8 on each side.