Hip Opening Series

Hey there, Julia from Melbourne Osteopathic Clinic bringing you a series of mobility exercises for the hips. This is perfect for anyone who gets caught at the desk for long periods, cyclists and/or kicking sports to free up those stubborn hips. Watch the video below...

Neck Stretching with Michelle

Hey there, Here is a video of Michelle demonstrating the neck stretches she gives her patients in clinic. Give it a try!

Hip Flexor Stretching with Michelle

In another series of hip related videos, here is one from Michelle helping you mobilise the hip joint and stretch the associated hip flexor muscles.  

Glute Medius Activation with Michelle

Hey there, Michelle here providing you with my go to exercise for activating and getting those glutes (in particular the medius) fired up. Watch the video as I run you through it, then give them a try!

Single Knee float

Here is a series of two videos created by our wonderful osteopath Julia, explaining why and how use a single knee float in the prehab/rehab space. Start with the explanation here: Now give it a go.

Pelvic Curl to bridge

Low back aches and pains? Time to strengthen those glutes and lower back muscles. Here is Julia demonstration a pelvic curl into a glute bridge. Focus on peeling your spine off the floor, one vertebrae at a time. Return by "reversing" the movement in a slow and...

Cat Camel Exercises

At the moment we are looking for routine in our life, so why not add some mobility into your morning to start your day? The Cat camel exercises are a great way to mobilise you thoracic and low back perfect to unlock you body and get everything moving. Have a look at...