Low back pain is very common, especially when you’re bending forward. Being unable to bend forward can make many everyday tasks like picking things up difficult. Bending forward increases the load on the muscles and joints of the low back – which may be why you’re getting pain. One solution is to change your lifting technique to eliminate this load. By bending at the knees, you can keep your back straight while getting low to the ground to grab an object, and then use the strength in your legs to stand up.

Alternatively, tight hamstrings are commonly involved when someone is unable to bend forward, so these stretches may prove beneficial. Stand facing a chair, with one foot on it and the other foot about a stride length away. While keeping the leg that’s on the chair slightly bent, tilt your pelvis back and bend forward from the hips. This should create a stretch in the hamstrings (back of thigh), hold for 30-60 seconds then repeat for the other leg.