WFH? The forearm savers.

Since working from home, have you noticed some increasing aches and pains in your body? In particular the forearms and wrists? We here at Melbourne Osteopathic Clinic have certainly seen an increase in these problems in clinic so here is a couple of tips you can do for yourself to save those forearms and wrists!


Firstly, you may be asking why your forearms are hurting despite not using them much, the reason behind this is that our wrist and some finger movements are controlled by the muscles the originate from our forearm and elbow region. With technology being at our hands and finger tips more than ever it means that we are always using these muscles, causing overuse patterns.


Best thing we can do to help with these aches and pains is to get them moving in our full range; this can involve wrist circles, moving our hand from palm up to palm down and also giving these muscles a stretch.