G’day to you all,

I hope you’re enjoying some Spring weather and getting outside more and more… I’d like to discuss “Goal Setting” with you today. It’s an important subject in all facets of life, and of particular importance as we all try to maintain and/or return to as much of a normal life as possible. Setting short term, small goals, as part of an overall longer term plan is a smarter way to approach almost every aspect of life.

Real life example:

Yesterday, I consulted my wonderful shoulder surgeon, Mr Martin Richardson, for an update post my 3rd cortisone/saline injection into the joint (hydrodilatation). The good news is I won’t require further surgery, my range of motion is 90-95% normal. My challenge is the joint inflammation which continues.

LONG TERM GOAL/PLAN – return to practice, normal daily activities with my family (unencumbered tickling/wrestling with my 6yo son is top of my/his list!)

SHORT TERM GOAL – 2x daily exercise rehab sessions (Approx 5 days a week) within a very tight range to avoid aggravation of the inflammation, slow increase in strength; fortnightly Osteopathy to maximise body function, quality and control of movement

“But wait, I haven’t had shoulder surgery, how does this apply to me?”

For many of you, the couch/coffee table have become an extension of your body, like never before!? Returning to normal life, with normal exercise regime requires planning – if you haven’t run/swam/gym for 1/3/6 months then you can’t expect your body to cope with a return to previous exercise levels straight away!!

TIPS for short term exercise goal success:

  • Walk for 10-20 minutes a couple of days before extending to 15, 20, 30 and beyond;
  • Jog on grass where possible, starting at 10 minutes, or walk/jog, minute walk/minute jog, repeat 2-3 times at that starting level before adding time, distance, intensity etc;
  • Start with 1,5 or 10 repetitions of body weight exercises like pushups, sit ups, squats etc. add a rep a day, or every second, technique is crucial to avoid injury, slow and steady is usually better and you’ll receive more benefit while reducing injury risk;
  • PILATES with Julia! Studies show that sitting longer than 15 minutes can switch off your “core” muscles, both in your abdomen and along your spine, which can increase your risk of pain, injury or altered body movement or “biomechanics.” We currently have online 30 minute Pilates twice a week on Tuesday & Thursday, all fitness levels will benefit and no prior experience required
  • REST days- plan them, they are important, keeps you fresher and motivated, just ensure you follow your plan…..!


  • Our ability to see you is as normal now, you CAN travel more than 5km to our appointments. We’ve remained open continually as we see our role in maintaining our community’s health extremely important, and have every safe-guard in place.
  • all our team have training in exercise and rehab, and we want you to be confident that you’ll succeed in your short term exercise & health goals, so come in for a personalised plan, we’d love to help!!

And don’t forget to reward yourself when you meet certain goals- your subconscious mind needs that nourishment and pat on the back… and so do you!