Here is our latest Blog post for Osteopath Dr Lauren Wilson

First off what is a habit? It is a settled or regular tendency or practice. But this takes time and effort. Don’t be fooled that after two workouts the next two will be easy but they will be easier with these tips.


Tip 1: Set A Date and Time

Write it down in your calendar and stick to it. Work things around your exercise to make it a priority. Sometimes it’s just scheduling it in the diary is all it takes.


Tip 2: Prepare

If scheduling a workout in the morning, get your clothes and runners out and ready the night before. It will make the process easier in the morning and will help motivate you to get out of bed when you have gone to the effort the night before.


Tip 3: Start Small

Starting small is key with creating a good habit. Why? Because having a goal too big or out of reach without a plan to progress may lead to disappointment and therefore giving up.

Try starting small with just getting up 30 mins early to go for a walk. Once tackling that move to something more like a run or something in the afternoons a week.


Tip 4: Have Fun

Meet up with a friend, listen to a good playlist or podcast or just try something new if what you are doing isn’t for you. Exercise does not always need to be a structured HIIT workout maybe it is a 30 min dance around the house or some Zumba on youtube. Find what works for you and have fun! At the end of the day that is going to keep you more motivated and create good habits.


Tip 5: Consistency Vs Frequency

Quality over quantity. We have all heard it and it related to exercise habits too. Set realistic goals and do them well rather than doing one really good workout and slacking off for the rest of the week.


Final Tip: Look after your body. With these tips, your body will adjust and condition to what you are doing a lot better rather than rushing out to run a half marathon with a week or running under your belt. Stretch, rest and recover. If you do find yourself with some more aches or pains please contact us at the clinic and we would love to help you create good healthy habits.


All the best