Here at the Melbourne Osteopathic Clinic, knee pain is a very common presentation. Whether it’s long days at the desk, or kilometres of pounding the pavement, there are many reasons we can get pain in our knees.

Knee pain is often as a result of overload, which comes from footwear, surfaces, type of activity, and our biomechanics. Also, don’t forget about the ankles and hips – an underlying problem in one of these areas can affect the knee’s ability to function optimally.

With lots of ligaments and muscles in and around the knee treatment varies depending on the type of pain, and the structure causing it – but one key to minimising knee pain is keeping your legs strong, and muscles lengthened. So, if you’re having knee pain make sure to maintain movement to keep your knees strong, and it might be valuable to think about how you can reduce load (new shoes, running on grass, cycling etc.).

I’ve attached a short video with some more strategies to help alleviate knee pain. But, if you’re continuing to have symptoms make sure to come into the clinic so we can help you out.