G’Day Melbourne Osteopathic Clinic community.

This is a message to let you know that after 21 years I am leaving Melbourne Osteopathic Clinic.

And wow what a ride it’s been!!

We started with Andrew, Russell Hough & I, with Chris Huxtable as a silent partner, in January 2002.

I’ve met so many fantastic people across the 21 years, many of you I would now call friends, and helped in the health journey of so many people it’s been an absolute pleasure & privilege.

I feel very grateful for this opportunity and feel an enormous level of gratitude towards Andrew and Matt as business partners in what’s been a huge, happy and rewarding part of my life.


So what’s next? Well, my health is stable but still needs to improve and that is my focus and priority, I will definitely return to practice at a later date,  somewhere closer to my home. Unfortunately I can’t give any date as to when that is at this stage.

Thanks very much to you all for your wonderful support of our CBD small businesses, your word of mouth referrals and kind words over the journey has warmed my heart and has just been incredible!!

Melbourne Osteopathic Clinic will continue on in both Queen St and Docklands, and if you haven’t seen anyone recently please go and see Nathan and Luke -they are both fabulous Osteopaths and have treated my continuously!

All the best to each and every one of you and your families, I wish you well in your health journey and hope you have a great day!!