The shoulder is a fantastic joint with a vast range of mobility, that wonderful range of movement allows us to complete many complex and dexterous movement.  Watch your favourite sports stars, Serena Williams serving, Mitchell Starc bowling thunderbolts or Ian Thorpe powering to the finish line. All of these athletes provide incredible force through their shoulders to perform a task. The gross mobility within the shoulder joint does come at the cost of stability; hence we see that shoulder injuries are very common. They don’t have to be due to an external force as often seen on the football field, but can creep up on you over a matter of weeks or months.

Over the next few days I want to talk to you about common shoulder issues and why they occur and the primary reason for this is posture. Think about how you hold your arms whilst you’re typing at your desk, or as stress sets in are those shoulder creeping up toward your ears. All of this effects the position of how you hold your shoulder. These position changes can then affect function and when break down that function when you get injured.

In the video below I want to show you some common presentations we see in private practice and some simple exercises to help alleviate your shoulder pain. If your symptoms are getting on top of you be sure to make an appointment with one of our Melbourne Osteopaths and let us help you get back to your best.