headaches-and-treatmentIf you suffer from persistent or recurring headaches, the experienced Osteopaths at Melbourne Osteopathic Clinic can show you how it may be that your neck is the culprit (and you may not even have pain!) This cause of headache has been commonly overlooked which has often resulted in patients suffering for many years.

At Melbourne Osteopathic Clinic in Melbourne we will thoroughly assess your neck and headaches. You will be asked specific questions to rule out other causes of headaches. Our experienced Osteopaths will then feel and assess the structures of your neck to decide if they may be causing your headache.

Melbourne Osteopathic Clinic’s Osteopaths help with the management of headaches by addressing the underlying aggravating factors. Osteopaths may use:
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  • A combination of gentle manipulation of the neck joints
  • Massage & / or acupuncture to reduce muscle tension & spasm
  • Specific exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles of the neck and upper back can also be prescribed to prevent excessive tension from developing in the joints and soft tissues of the neck
  • Advice concerning work desk ergonomics, postural correction
  • Relaxation methods to help with stress management

Headaches do not have to be something that you live with on a day to day basis, so consult your Osteopath at Melbourne Osteopathic Clinic on 03 9663 4460, via email at damien@melbourneosteopathy.com.au or visit our clinic at Level 1, Druids House, 407-9 Swanston Street in Melbourne to discuss how you can prevent these from occurring.